Marie Seton, recipient: Ronald Moody

Letter from Marie Seton to Ronald Moody, addressed from Toronto

23 October 1972

Created by
Marie Seton 1910–1985
Ronald Moody 1900–1984
Letter from Marie Seton to Ronald Moody, addressed from Toronto
23 October 1972
Document - correspondence
Tate Archive
Presented to Tate Archive by Cynthia Moody, the sculptor's niece, 1995.
TGA 956/1/2/58/70


The letter is on headed paper for Albert Place, London.

Marie Seton opens this letter by mentioning that she is staying in a luxury hotel at reduced rates thanks to Angus McClellan (who was the brains behind the Paul [Robeson] programme). She describes Toronto and gives her impression of Canada as being very 'un-American'. She tells Moody about her visit to the museum in Toronto where she found in the basement a wide range of Indian [native American] work and shares her thoughts about the affinity of native American art with that from North India. Seton communicates to Moody her excitement at seeing native American beadwork, her impressions of paintings of native Americans done by Paul Kane, the position of native American population, account of seeing Eskimo sculptures, and reference to the Gimpel Fils Eskimo exhibition.

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