Anita Bartle, Grant Richards (London, UK)

This is my Birthday


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Page with the heading, 'March 29' featuring quotes by Shelley, Keble, Ben Jonson, Herbert, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Byron and William Collins relating to Raffaello Sanzio.

Created by
Anita Bartle 1876–1962 Grant Richards (London, UK)
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Anita Bartle, ‘Page 1’ 1902

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Created by
Anita Bartle 1876–1962
Grant Richards (London, UK)
This is my Birthday
Bound volume - book
Tate Archive
Presented to Tate by Anita Bartle's daughter, Mrs Consuela Stocks, in 1996
TGA 969/2/6


'This is my Birthday' is a book which was compiled by Anita Bartle from her column published in the Daily Chronicle. These daily extracts consisted of quotations relating to a famous person who was born on that day. This is a partial, annotated copy (29 Mar to 30 Dec) with autograph signatures, notes, musical notations and sketches by (among others): Austrian conductor Hans Richter (né János Richter) (music); Eugen d'Albert (music); John Davidson (quotation); George Clausen (night-time scene); Edward Gregory (signature); Arthur Christopher Benson (poem); Lord Avebury aka John Lubbock (quotation from Shakespeare); Cedric Bucknall (music and sketches); Edward Dowden (poem); Frank Bramley (signature); James Bryce (Latin aphorism); Nellie Melba (signature); Hugh Thomson (sketch); Thomas Hardy (quotation from the Bible); Robert Bridges (poem); Lord Halifax (message); Anne Isabella Thackeray aka Lady Ritchie (poem); W. B. Yeats (couplet); George Frampton (quotation); Lord Kelvin (signature); Fanny Davies (music); Israel Gollancz (quotation); Walter H. Long M.P. (quotation); Arthur James Balfour (signature); George Bernard Shaw (signature); Lady Henry Somerset (quotation); Louis Wain (sketch and couplet); Stanley J. Weyman (quotation); Walter Crane (sketch); Leo Tolstoy (signature); Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman (Latin inscription); F. L. Emanuel (sketch of the Thames Embankment at night); Camille Saint-Saèens (music); John Clifford (poems); Sir Michael Hicks-Beach (quotation); Emma Albani Gye (quotation from Shakespeare); Vladimir Tchertkoff (quotation); George Tinworth (message); William Sydney Penley (quotation); Sir Francis Cowley Burnand (quotation); Francis Carruthers Gould (cartoon); Sir Sidney Lee (quotation); Winifred Lucas aka Mrs Le Bailey (poem); Mortimer Menpes (self-portrait); H. B. Marriott Watson (quotation); Wilfrid Meynell (message); and Adrian Stokes (landscape).

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