Papers of Cecil and Elisabeth Collins


collection owner: Cecil Collins, ‘Papers of Cecil and Elisabeth Collins’ c.1930s–2001

Available online are fabrics designs, and writings relating to 'The Vision of the Fool' by Cecil Collins.

Details of the remainder of the collection can be found on the Archive catalogue.

Collection Owner
Cecil Collins 1908–1989
Tate Archive
Presented to Tate Archive by the trustees of the estate of Elisabeth Collins, June 2000 and July 2003.
TGA 200015

13 objects in this collection

Fabrics designed by Cecil Collins and produced by the Edinburgh Weavers
This file consists of eight fabrics designed by Cecil Collins and produced by the Edinburgh Weavers.

Included in this series are:

Two pink designs (untitled and undated);
One yellow design (untitled and undated);
Three designs in blue and white (all untitled and undated);
One blue and white design, labelled 'The Fools' (this piece could be 'The Garden of the Fools' 1949, or 'The Fools of Summer' 1954 - both designs were commissioned by the Edinburgh Weavers);
And one blue and white designed pair of curtains entitled 'Avon'. This piece was commissioned by the Ministry of Works for the new Conference Hall at the British Embassy in Washington D.C., USA in 1959. 'Avon' is a mix of rayon and cotton, and depicts eight Shakespearean characters.
TGA 200015/3/8