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Look Closer

The Story of Cold Dark Matter

Take an look at the meaning and making of Cornelia Parker’s exploded shed and explore the work through questions and ...

Understanding David Hockney's A Bigger Splash

Dive in for a closer look: explore Hockney's inspiration, techniques and have a go at some splash-inspired activities

The Racial and Identity Politics of Head of a Man

Consider and question the intentions, politics and legacy of this landmark artwork

Women and Art

Explore the stories and achievements of women artists in our collection and how they contributed to the art world

The Art of Louise Bourgeois

Home, family, sexuality and mortality... find out more about the powerful themes behind Bourgeois's art

In gallery resources

P is for Performer and Participant

A self-led resource to help you and your group discover the Performer and Participant display at Tate Modern

L is for Living Cities

A self-led resource to help you and your group discover the Living Cities display at Tate Modern

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We Are The Future

Watch some of our collaborators past and present reflect on what art means to them