2019 exam help themes

Past exam help themes

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    Weather Exam Help

    From sun worshipers, cloud gazers and storm chasers to artists who use the weather to explore broader themes and ideas
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    Materials Exam Help

    From 'usual' to unlikely art materials: explore textures, qualities, techniques and symbolism of things artists use to make their work
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    Still Life Exam Help

    Not just fruit and flowers, explore still lifes from realistic to abstract and familiar to unexpected
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    Dynamism and Movement Exam Help

    Explore how artists use marks and colour to suggest motion or make kinetic, performance and video art to explore movement
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    Landmarks Exam Help

    From art about landmarks to art that is itself a landmark: get some inspiration on the theme of landmarks for …
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    Diary Exam Help

    From sketchbooks to video diaries and the everyday to big life events, explore how artists use diaries to record the …
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    Mark Making Exam Help

    Explore the different ways artists use marks and expressive qualities
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    Outline Exam Help

    Much more than just a line! Discover surprising ways artists use outlines in art from graphic to graffiti or abstract …
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    Clothing Exam Help

    Explore art and fashion, from what clothes can say about identity to shapes, patterns and textures of clothing inspired by …
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    Masks Exam Help

    Explore how artists have used masks in their work, to protect, disguise, hide and amuse
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    Trees Exam Help

    From atmosphere and symbolism to textures and abstract shapes, explore how trees have inspired artists
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    Memory Exam Help

    Explore memories of the past, memories of people and fading memories to see how artists recall and reminisce in art
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    Food Exam Help

    Can a humble bag of chips or slice of pizza become a masterpiece? Explore some tasty art about food
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    Mother and Child Exam Help

    Discover tender images of new mums and babies and artists' in-depth explorations of mother and child relationships
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    Journeys Exam Help

    From physical journeys and migration to journeys of self-discovery, get ideas and inspiration about journeys in art
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    Relationship Exam Help

    Exploring relationships in art, as a connection or association between people, things or ideas
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    Letters and Words Exam Help

    From letters and words that add texture to words that make you think and act, discover how artists use letters …
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    Force Exam Help

    From forces of nature and forceful feelings to force as a method, explore how artists have used force in art
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    Ritual Exam Help

    What is a ritual? Discover how ritual has been used as a theme in art and decide what it means …
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    Self-Image Exam Help

    Explore how artists have represented themselves, and others, using portraiture
  • Isolation exam help

    Unsettling images of physical isolation, moving insights into what it’s like to feel alone and spaces for contemplation and solitude …
  • Architecture Exam Help

    From art inspired by architectural shapes and structures to artists who use architecture to explore society and identity – explore architecture in art
  • Domestic Interiors Exam Help

    Explore some very different takes on the domestic interior: from rooms that reference social or political issues to abstract impressions …
  • Assembled Exam Help

    Scraps of paper, old photographs, bits of junk: ordinary things and extraordinary things…research art made by assembling objects and images
  • Folded Exam Help

    From folding as a technique to folds in nature and folded bodies…explore how folded forms are used in art
  • Walking Exam Help

    Some artists use walking to explore and interpret their environments, others capture the body in motion: research some of the …
  • Out of Place Exam Help

    Big things that should be small, familiar things made unfamiliar: discover how out of place things and people can appear …
  • Music in Art Exam Help

    From abstract artworks inspired by music – to art that can be listened to as well as looked at! Discover …
  • Wrap Exam Help

    By hiding or disguising the details of things or people, artists change how they appear: they become mysterious and sometimes disturbing…
  • Suspended Exam Help

    Hanging objects, sculptures – and bodies! People suspended in water or air…and structures that rely on suspension: explore suspended as …
  • Technological Change Exam Help

    Whether inspired by the impact of new technology on society and lifestyle, or using new technology to make work: discover …
  • Skulls Exam Help

    From artists who use skulls as symbols to those who explore their structure, browse a selection of artworks about skulls
  • Maps Exam Help

    Look at maps in art, from re-purposed, messed-up road maps to mapping the cultural and physical movements of people and …
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    Transformation Exam Help

    Explore how artists have transformed objects and ideas through their work
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    Details Exam Help

    From art that focus on details of the everyday to works made from intricate and elaborate imagery, explore details as …
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    Human Figure Exam Help

    Explore people drawn, painted or sculpted from life and art that explores abstract ideas about being human
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    News and Events Exam Help

    Look at artists responses to news, from headline-grabbing events and social or political issues, to stories of the extraordinary everyday
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    Light and Dark Exam Help

    Look at artworks made from light and shadow to the symbolic use of light and dark to make powerful statements
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    Interwoven Exam Help

    Explore art that interweaves materials, ideas, experiences and histories
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    Perspective Exam Help

    From vanishing points to points of view, explore perspective in art

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