Freelance Event Producer YoYo, speaks to four members of Tate staff about their experiences of working at a gallery and top career tips


  • Having a portfolio of personal projects can be really helpful when applying for jobs. It gives you lots of examples to talk about
  • You don't need an arts background to work at a gallery. All experience is relevant
  • Lots of galleries and museums offer paid internships - so keep your eyes out for those! They can be a good way to gain experience and see if you like something before committing to a full-time job
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help when you're starting out. It's good to ask questions
  • Network with your friends and peers. You might already have the perfect contact and you never know where everyone will end up!
  • Lots of roles have the same job title but are actually different positions. This can be confusing so make sure you read the job description too
  • Apply! You never know ...