Personal papers of Aubrey Williams


collection owner: Aubrey Williams, ‘Personal papers of Aubrey Williams’ 1950s–1990

Available online are all of Aubrey Williams' works on paper in this collection which reflect key periods and themes in his artwork, including his interest in Amerindian artwork and culture. Other items which have been digitised include interviews with Williams in which he discusses his life, career and interest in art.

Details of the remainder of the collection can be found on the Archive catalogue.

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Aubrey Williams 1926–1990
Tate Archive
Presented to Tate Archive by the artist's widow, Mrs Eve Williams and the artist's daughter, Maridowa Williams, 2001.
TGA 200112

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File of draft transcripts of an interview with Aubrey Williams by Anne Walmsley
This file contains five copies of a transcription of an interview with Aubrey Williams by Anne Walmsley at different stages of the drafting process. Anne Walmsley appears to have written up two slightly different versions from the same notes, the main difference being the absence of an opening paragraph in the second version. A note by her at the top of one copy reads 'Typed from notes taken after asking Aubrey Williams to tell me about his life as an artist for a book edited by Therese Mills & published by Longman Caribbean, 'Great West Indians''. Some copies have handwritten corrections, presumably inserted by Aubrey Williams or Anne Walmsley. The file includes a photocopy of the chapter on Aubrey Williams in 'Great West Indians: Life Stories for Young Readers' which was based on these notes.
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