Personal Papers of Keith Vaughan


collection owner: Keith Vaughan, ‘Personal Papers of Keith Vaughan’ 1908–77

Available online are a selection of Vaughan's journals. These cover a number of time periods starting with his first journal which he began in August 1939, a group of four journals about his time at Eden Prisoner of War Camp in North Yorkshire between 1944 and 1945, and his last journal from 1975 to 1977. These journals are the personal thoughts, to a certain extent about the development of artistic ideas, but also about Vaughan's mental state, depression and sexual angst and desires.

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Keith Vaughan 1912–1977
Tate Archive
The majority of the papers were given to the Tate Gallery by the executors of Vaughan's estate in 2008. Other items were given by Gerard Hastings and Mark Cecil.
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A collection of personal journals. All the journals cover subjects such as Vaughan's mental state, day to day life and thoughts and sexual desires.
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Keith Vaughan Journal number one

25 August–15 October 1939

Keith Vaughan Journal number twenty-one

19 May–16 June 1944

Keith Vaughan Journal number twenty-two

16 June–23 July 1944

Keith Vaughan Journal number twenty three

25 July–7 October 1944

Keith Vaughan Journal number twenty four

8 October 1944–8 February 1945

Keith Vaughan Journal number twenty five

8 February–28 May 1945

Keith Vaughan Journal number sixty-two

11 August 1975–4 November 1977