Diary and photographs belonging to Prunella Clough


collection owner: Prunella Clough, ‘Diary and photographs belonging to Prunella Clough’ 1920s–1947

Avaliable online is a diary kept by Prunella Clough between 1944 and 1947. It contains an entry every few days throughout this period, and was used by Clough to record her thoughts on episodes from her daily life, including her war work and her work as an artist. Clough also reflects on events of the time, such as the progress of the war. The photographic prints and negatives date from the late 1920s. They are all personal photographs, many showing Clough when she was young.

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Prunella Clough 1919–1999
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Prunella Clough Diary

18 November 1944–27 February 1947