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collection owner: Edward Burra, ‘Papers of Edward Burra’ 1901–70s

Available online are records relating to Edward Burra's involvement with Humbert Wolfe's 'ABC of the Theatre' published in 1932 by Cresset Press Ltd, for which Burra provided illustrations. The selection includes proof illustrations used in the book, a typescript of the text used in the book and a letter from Cresset Press Ltd.

Also available online are drawings by Burra and a letter from Paul Nash to Burra.

Details of the remainder of the collection can be found on the Archive catalogue.

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Edward Burra 1905–1976
Tate Archive
Presented to the Archive by Lady Ann Ritchie in February 1977.
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Paul Nash, recipient: Edward Burra ‘Letter for Ed’ from Paul Nash, with attached images

[c.December 1943]

Unknown person(s), Paul Nash, recipient: Edward Burra Collage of newspaper cuttings showing two figures embracing

date not known