Photograph collection belonging to Eileen Agar


collection owner: Eileen Agar, ‘Photograph collection belonging to Eileen Agar’ [1930s–1960s]

This collection of Eileen's Agar's photographs have all been digitised. Most of the photographs were taken by Eileen Agar and her husband, Joseph Bard on their trips abroad, and around the UK, from the 1930s up until around 1960. Subjects of the photographs include architecture, landscapes, and seaside towns and villages, along with portrait and group photographs of Eileen, Joseph, and their friends, including notable artists and fellow surrealists such as Man Ray, Paul Éluard and Pablo Picasso. Some of the photographs relate to sections of Agar's autobiography, 'A look at my life' which is noted on the item records on the archive catalogue. Details of the remainder of the collection can be found on the archive catalogue.

Collection Owner
Eileen Agar 1899–1991
Tate Archive
Presented to Tate Archive by Eileen Agar in 1989 and transferred from the photograph collection in 2012.
TGA 8927

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