Personal papers of and artworks by Eileen Agar


collection owner: Eileen Agar, ‘Personal papers of and artworks by Eileen Agar’ 1917–92

Available online are items a range of Eileen Agar's artworks and writings which shed light on her working methods, including her extensive use of found objects, and her involvement in the Surrealist movement. Artworks which have been digitised include sculptures constructed from found objects and preparatory tracings for her series of paintings of rocks at Ploumanach. Several of Agar's writings and notebooks, which provide some insight into her life, working methods, and reflections on art, can also be seen online.

Details of the remainder of the collection can be found on the Archive catalogue.

Collection Owner
Eileen Agar 1899–1991
Tate Archive
Bequeathed to Tate Archive by Eileen Agar, 1992.
TGA 9222

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File of tracings
Mainly tracings of photographs of rocks at Ploumanach. On a holiday in Brittany in 1936, Eileen Agar took a series of photographs of rocks in Ploumanach. In the 1980s Agar produced a number of paintings based on these photographs. The tracings are presumably an intermediate stage in the process of turning the photographs into paintings.
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