Papers of Ronald Moody


collection owner: Ronald Moody, ‘Papers of Ronald Moody’ 1900–94

Available online are a selection of items which reflect key periods in Ronald Moody's life and career. These include sketches, a project file relating to Moody's sculpture 'Savacou', letters from his close friend, Marie Seton relating to her life in India, and documents relating to Moody's escape from France in 1940 and subsequent return to England. In addition, there is material relating to Moody's literary work, including typescripts for BBC broadcasts on art and samples of his poetry.

Details of the remainder of the collection can be found on the Archive catalogue.

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Ronald Moody 1900–1984
Tate Archive
Presented to Tate Archive by Cynthia Moody, the sculptor's niece, 1995.
TGA 956

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Subject file relating to sculpture, Savacou
19 May 1963–20 September 1965
This file contains correspondence mainly with Professor Cochrane of the Epidemiological Research Unit (Wales) and Dr Miall of the Epidemiological Research Unit (Jamaica) regarding the commissioning of a piece, Moody's thoughts on the Carib mythology of Savacou, the design process (including issues about a stand for the sculpture and the length and shape of the legs), payment for the work, publicity, arrangements for casting the piece, arrangements for exhibiting Savacou at the Commonwealth Institute, design of plaque and plinth for Savacou, arrangements and cost for shipment of the sculpture, damage to the sculpture in transit.
TGA 956/2/2/13