The papers of Barbara Ker-Seymer


collection owner: Barbara Ker-Seymer, ‘The papers of Barbara Ker-Seymer’ 1905–93

These photograph albums were compiled by Barbara Ker-Seymer from 1928 to 1944. The albums contain photographs of Ker-Seymer, various locations in England and France, and her friends - including many notable figures of the period. The majority of the photographs were taken by Ker-Seymer. The loose photographs depict many of Ker-Seymer's professioal subjects, as well as personal photographs of herself and her family.

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Collection Owner
Barbara Ker-Seymer 1905–1993
Tate Archive
Presented by Barbara Ker-Seymer's partner Barbara Roett (born 1927) in 1997.
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Several are obviously not by Barbara Ker-Seymer, including one or two of Edward Burra, one by Marty Mann, and one of Beryl Cook. Some photographs are annotated on the back with details of subjects, places and dates or with intructions for printing. Many of the photographs bear Ker-Seymer's copyright stamp.
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Barbara Ker-Seymer Photographs of Ruth Baldwin

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Barbara Ker-Seymer Photograph of John Banting

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Barbara Ker-Seymer Photographs of Edward Burra


Barbara Ker-Seymer Photograph of Cyril Connolly

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Barbara Ker-Seymer Photograph of Margot Fonteyn

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