Anthea Hamilton Turner Prize 2016

The British artist introduces her exhibition Lichen! Libido! (London!) Chastity!

Anthea Hamilton presents Lichen! Libido! (London!) Chastity! a re-staging of her solo exhibition at SculptureCenter, New York, nominated for the 2016 Turner Prize.

Working across sculpture, installation, performance and video, Anthea Hamilton uses her research into subjects as diverse as lichen, disco and design history to create works that have a surrealist or pop culture aesthetic.

Her work engages the viewer by her humour and unexpected combinations of images, materials and words, as well as dramatic shifts in scale. A central feature is Hamilton’s larger than life sculpture of a backside (or ‘butt’), Project for a Door (After Gaetano Pesce) 2016, part of a series of physical realisations of images taken from her archive.

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