Interludes: Black Balloons

A soundscape response to Liz Johnson Artur’s Time don't run here

Experience Liz Johnson Artur’s work with the ear and body. How does sound change how you see the works? What pulses through you when you see the images, braille and thread?

Interludes: Black Balloons is a new soundscape by Shade Podcast and Axel Kacoutié, responding to Artur’s display Time don’t run here. The piece references Artur’s Black Lives Matter protest images and works from her ongoing Black Balloon Archive documenting people in Africa, and of the African and Caribbean diasporas.

The soundscape features the voices of Liz Johnson Artur, artists Imogen Faires and Jamel Alatise from Theatre Peckham, and Research and Interpretation Artist Resident, Marie Smith. The soundscape includes extracts from Poetry as Protest, Protest as Poetry, a poem by Faires and Alatise responding to the display and performed live at Tate Modern in April 2023.

Interludes is an ongoing sound collaboration between Lou Mensah of Shade podcast and the audio artist Axel Kacoutié.

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