In Focus


We are grateful to Sophia Powers for her development of this In Focus, and to Rahaab Allana, Rattanamol Singh Johal and Sheba Chhachhi for their valuable contributions to the project. We would also like to thank Nada Raza, Chloe Julius and Sook-Kyung Lee of Tate Research Centre: Asia for commissioning this project, and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for supporting this research.

Sophia Powers would like to thank the anonymous peer reviewer along with Gregory Minissale, Rebecca Brown, Rashmi Viswanathan, Ajay Sinha, Malvika Maheshwari, Martin Lin and Saloni Mathur for their critical feedback and enduring support. She is grateful to Nada Raza and Chloe Julius for their support in getting this project off the ground, and to Celia White for her masterful editorial assistance in bringing the final essays to fruition. She is deeply grateful to Sheba Chhachhi for her generosity in sharing her practice, as well as the seven women whose vulnerability and strength make Seven Lives a work of such lasting significance: Shahjahan Apa, Sathyarani, Urvashi, Radha, Shanti, Devikripa and Shardabehn.

Sophia Powers, Marti Friedlander Lecturer in Photographic Practices and History, University of Auckland
Rahaab Allana, Curator, Alkazi Foundation for the Arts
Rattanamol Singh Johal, doctoral candidate, Columbia University

Series editor: Christopher Griffin, Convenor, Research Programmes and Publications, Tate
Project editor: Celia White, Senior Research Editor, Tate
Digital editor: Susannah Worth, Digital Editor, Research, Tate
Picture researcher: Arthur Goodwin, Assistant Research Editor, Tate

About this publication

Origins: This In Focus project was commissioned in 2018 by Nada Raza (Research Curator, Tate) and Chloe Julius (Research Coordinator, Tate) for Tate Research Centre: Asia.

Authors’ relationship to Tate: Sophia Powers has no previous relationship to Tate. Rahaab Allana has a professional relationship with Yasufumi Nakamori, Senior Curator, International Art (Photography) and Clara Kim, Daskalopoulos Senior Curator, International Art (Africa, Asia and the Middle East), both at Tate. Rattanamol Johal Singh was a Visiting Fellow at Tate Research Centre: Asia in 2018.

Review: This In Focus was reviewed by Nada Raza and Christopher Griffin for Tate. It was then double-blind peer reviewed by an academic specialising in twentieth-century photography from India.

Editing and production: The publication was edited and proofed by Celia White and produced online by Susannah Worth. Arthur Goodwin carried out the picture research.

Editorial notes: The editing process included discussion and collaboration between the editor and the authors.