We are grateful to Kirsten Swenson for her development of this project, and to Mary L. Garner for her valuable contribution to the research. Thanks are also owed to Doug Schaller at Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, for his assistance with the images.

Kirsten Swenson would like to thank Erin Monahan, Honors Research Fellow, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, for her invaluable research assistance, and Alex Taylor, University of Pittsburgh, for the invitation to research Jennifer Bartlett.

This project belongs to a series of In Focus studies commissioned as part of Refiguring American Art, a major research project generously supported by the Terra Foundation for American Art.

Dr Kirsten Swenson, Associate Professor of Art History, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
Dr Mary L. Garner, Professor of Mathematics, Kennesaw State University

Series editor: Jennifer Mundy, Head of Collection Research, Tate
Commissioning editor: Alex Taylor, Terra Foundation Research Fellow in American Art, Tate
Project manager: Julia Bailey, Terra Foundation for American Art Research Project Manager, Tate
Project editor: Celia White, Collection Research Editor, Tate
Digital editor: Susannah Worth, Digital Editor (Research), Tate

ISBN 978-1-84976-554-1