Tate Cartography Research Project. © Tate

The Cartography research project took place from Nov 2016 to Nov 2017. The project involved working with research partners Horizon at Nottingham University, University of Exeter and the Digital Learning team at Tate. The project was initiated by Emily Pringle and led by Rebecca Sinker, Digital Learning Convenor and Gabriella Giannachi, Professor in Performance and New Media at Exeter University. The aim was to map socially engaged participatory art practices in art museums and galleries through an online platform.

Discussions taking place in front of a mind map

Cartography Research Event, Tate Britain, 2016, Photo: Rebecca Sinker

A group participates in a mapping session

Cartography Research Event, Tate Liverpool, 2017, Photo: Rita Evans

A map created during a Cartography session

Cartography Research Event, Tate Britain, 2016. Photo: Rebecca Sinker

The online cartography sought to visualise an evolving networked structure, bringing to light major players, under the radar movements, and transitory projects to visualise their labour, aesthetics and impacts over the years. The objective was to create a contextual map or ‘family tree’ for Tate Exchange, placing the evolution of the programme in a broader relational constellation that acknowledges previous initiatives, artists and movements that have informed its development. This research included three events at Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool and Tate Exchange at Tate Modern.

Conference Paper

Presented at the Digital Cultural Heritage International Conference 2017 in Berlin by Professor Gabriella Giannachi.

The Cartography Project PDF [64 KB]

Steve Benford, Professor of Computer Science & EPSRC Dream Fellow, Faculty of Science, University of Nottingham

Laura Carletti, Research fellow in the Horizon Digital Economy Institute, Department of Computer Science, University of Nottingham

Rita Evans, Learning Research Administrator, Tate Learning

Acatia Finbow, Collaborative Doctoral Student, Tate and University of Exeter

Gabriella Giannachi, Professor in Performance and New Media, Department of English, University of Exeter

Tony Glover, Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Science, University of Nottingham

Helena Hunter, Learning Research Assistant Curator, Tate Learning

Emily Pringle, Head of Learning Practice and Research, Tate Learning

Valentina Ravaglia, Assistant Curator, Tate Modern

Rebecca Sinker, Digital Learning Convenor, Tate Learning