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Tate Collective Open Call Collection 2.0

See your work on billboards across London

Ophelia responses on a billboard

Jack Arts

To celebrate our collection, we invited 16 – 25s to creatively respond to a series of iconic artworks from Tate Britain and Tate Modern. In celebration of their creativity, a curated selection of entries feature on billboards across London kindly given over by Jack Arts.

From 10 August for two weeks, find the billboards in these locations:

  • 152 Royal College Street, Camden – responses to Ophelia
  • 122 Peckham High Street, Southwark – responses to Reborn Sounds of Childhood Dreams I
  • 130 Stoke Newington High Street, Hackney – responses to Dearest Art Collector
  • 715 Seven Sisters Road, near Seven Sisters Tube, Haringey – responses to Urvashi, Staged Portrait, Gulmohar Park, Delhi
  • Wells Terrace, near Finsbury Park Tube, Islington – responses to Swinging
  • Top of Jewel Road and Forest Road by Walthamstow Lloyd Park/William Morris Gallery, Walthamstow – responses to Plains of Heaven
  • Stockwell Road at Brixton Academy, Lambeth – responses to Head of a Man
kandinsky billboard

Jack Arts

El-Salahi billboard

Jack Arts

Guerrilla Girls board

Jack Arts

Chhachhi billboard

Jack Arts

Martin billboard

Jack Arts

Singer-Sargent billboard

Jack Arts


The open call invited works in response to seven artworks in our collection, available to visit for free at Tate Britain and Tate Modern. The brief invited submitters to be as creative as possible with responses, so long as the work could be displayed in printed format on the billboard.


We received over 800 submissions ranging from poetry and make up looks, to photography and illustration. 48 works were chosen for the billboards by our panel of judges; GUAP mag's Ibrahim Kamara, producer Tobi Kyeremateng, and artist and educator Soofiya. All selected artists are paid for use of their works, which feature on billboards across London for two weeks from August 10.

Scroll down to view the billboard submissions chosen by our panel:


Responses to Ophelia by Sir John Everett Millais, Bt

painting of woman lying in ice

Amelia D H Tovey, A Watery End

painting of woman lying

Clémence Bellier, Ophelia's River

Photo of woman lying in bath with netting over her face

Emily Shanks, Ellah

Cartoon version of Ophelia

Imogen Crossland, Singing all the while

Illustration of a woman lying in a bath with a view of London

Jada Bruney, Ophelia

Abstract pencil drawing

Lily Hargreaves, to muddy death

text-based response to ophelia

M.R. Massey, swim

Photograph of lady underwater surrounded by flowers

Rahi De Roy, Astha Patel,​ Pranshu Thakore and Savitha Ravi, Ophelias

woman lying in water and reeds

Rodrigo Domingos, Chiphelia

painting of a woman taking a selfie in a mirror surrounded by flowers

Rolake Osabia, Pattern Up

collaged version of ophelia

Rosie Haynes, Submerged

text response to ophelia

Sophire Kes Fennell, Ophelia's healing

photo of a woman lying in a river with a surgical mask on

Urja Gauri Jain, Ophelia, in the midst of a pandemic

Responses to Head of a Man by John Simpson

photo of a woman with her head poking out of a suit

Melody Uyanga Ramsay, Dominic Manderson, Alexis Peng Cheng, A (Head) of a Man

painting of a young boy with an exposed skeleton from the hips down

Aminat Durowoju, Bone Boy

painting of a man in a durag with a raised fist

Angel My Linh, F12

painting of a man in contemplation

Asmaa Jama, Before We Disappear

painting of a man with his head in his hands

Betty Esiko, Uncle Abe

painting of an art gallery with a woman on the floor surrounded by police officers

Kudakwashe Mushangi, The Dispute of Today

Silhouette of a man with a light in his hand

Latoya Fits Okuneye, Catch the light – a utopian dream of freedom

photo of a man sitting in front of a sofa

Marco Bardusco–Brazier, Elliot Hunter

Responses to Reborn Sounds of Childhood Dreams I by Ibrahim El-Salahi

text response to el-salahi

Chloe Chenery, Reborn Words of El-Salahi

painting of a creature wearing a crown in the woods

Jessica Ip, Children, Where are you

Photo of a woman in makeup in the style of the El-Salahi piece

Li Benedetti, Monochrome Dreams

collage of a woman stepping over a London bus

Mia, Dreaming

surreal painting of two creatures

El Pertenecer (2020) by Nathalie Brough

colourful print with figures of people

Saffron Carpenter, Entropy of Youth

a collage of dreamy photos

Simone Ziel, Multiple Dreams in One Night

Responses to Dearest Art Collector by Guerilla Girls

illustration of a gorilla writing 'dearest art collector'

Belenchuk, Guerilla Girls Present Day

text response to dearest art collector

Gloria Satuski, Guerilla Girls 2.0

A text that reads: dear privileged, see me as you leave me  behind

Gullu Kandrou, Dear Privileged

A letter to arts eduactors

Millie Robson, For the attention of

Responses to Swinging by Wassily Kandinsky

a photo of a stack of bread with paint in between every slice

Ella Soni, no title

rework of swinging done in pencil

Ksenia Gorokhova, Swinging in 2020

photo of person wearing kandinsky-inspired makeup

Rosie Davis, Masked

Illustration of people in the style of Kandinsky

Rowan Bailey, Breezy

Creature in a mask in the style of Kandinsky

Szymon Kwinto, Swinging 2 metres apart

Responses to Urvashi - Staged Portrait, Gulmohar Park, Delhi by Sheba Chhachhi

Photo of a person amongst their belongings

Dhwani, Staged self-portrait in response to Seven Lives and a Dream

surreal painting of a woman sitting in a doorframe

Ellen Warner, Oblique Perception

Photo of a man in white clay surrounded my hanging sheets

Jo Fetto, Getting rid of myself

photo of a person covered in cake

Nilik Khimani, Afternoon Tea at Two Part II

painting of a woman sitting at a table next to a plant

Riya Mamtora, Nipa

Responses to Plains of Heaven by John Martin

A ripped photo of a nature scene which says 'down on earth, up in the sky'

Bruna Fernandes, Misplaced

Photo of Joshua Tree desert

Flora Grant, Mojave

embroidery of a person sinking into a mountain range

Kiera Brazowski, Plains of heaven

three pencil drawings of a mountain range

Louis Syed-Anderson, Constructed Landscapes

paper on grass with text reading 'land and us'

LAND + US, Sophie Bullacher

Tate artworks they responded to

Terms and conditions

From the entries submitted Tate will, at its discretion, select those to be shown on billboards across London, on the Tate website, and on any other of Tate’s approved partner platforms.

The open call for submission is aimed at all young people aged 16–25 who are signed up to Tate Collective.

Don’t be rude. Anything defamatory or obscene won’t be accepted. Your submission must be suitable for under 18s.

Anything you submit must be your own original work. If your content contains other’s material e.g. images, video, music etc you must have obtained the necessary permissions to use the material. Make sure you get someone’s recorded consent to be included in the material before showing an image of their face.

Tate won’t use your content for commercial purposes (eg. merchandise) but we may use your content to promote our platform or project, such as:

· On social media, eg Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

· On our websites

· In-gallery at Tate sites

· On printed materials eg leaflets promoting the open call and other projects for young people

By sharing and uploading any contribution (including any text, photographs, graphics, video or audio-visual material) for this open call, you will be sharing your content with Tate who will be able to use your material in the following ways:

You agree to grant to Tate, free of charge, permission to use the material in any way it wants, for Tate services in any existing or future media worldwide (including on Tate’s website accessed by international users) and in perpetuity.

While we intend to credit you as the creator of the material, there may be some instances in which this is not possible (for example, due to formatting constraints). We therefore require as a condition of submission that you waive any moral rights in your contribution. You also permit Tate to edit the material, if necessary. You also grant to Tate the right to sub-license these rights to approved partners.

Copyright in your contribution will remain with you and this permission is not exclusive, so you can continue to use the material in any way including allowing others to use it, including licensing that material to other websites.

If you do not grant Tate the permission set out above on these terms please do not submit or share your contribution with us. By submitting your contribution with us, you are deemed to accept these Terms and Conditions.

Tate will hold and process your personal data for all purposes relating to the administration and award of this open call. Tate will not use your personal data for any other purpose except as necessary for the purposes of this open call. You can contact us ( to amend or remove any information you submit to us, or ask us to remove all of your personal information. Our Privacy Policy provides further information on your legal rights and how to exercise these (

Before you submit your work, please read sections 4 and 7-11 of Tate’s website terms of use.

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