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Entry to the gallery remains free for everyone, with a charge for some exhibitions. Booking is recommended, but tickets are available on the door.

Members enjoy free entry to exhibitions – no need to book, just turn up with your card! Members can also bring up to 6 children for free to any exhibition.

Find out more information in our frequently asked questions or browse our family-friendly events below.

Family events at Tate Liverpool

    Tate Liverpool

    Quiet Hour

    First Saturday of every month

    A calmer, more comfortable environment on the first Saturday of every month

    Tate Liverpool

    Explore and Draw

    Daily 10.00–17.50

    Get creative at Tate Liverpool with these free activities


    Tate Liverpool

    Create your Tate

    Every Mon, Sat–Sun until 29 Aug 2022

    Design and make your dream Tate Liverpool

child painting

Games to play in the gallery

You don’t need to be an expert to look at or talk about art. You and your family can try these activities in any of the galleries.

Strike a pose

Get your child to secretly choose an artwork with a person in it. Once they have looked carefully at the pose, find a space in the room and encourage them to try to recreate the pose. The rest of the group can then try and spot the artwork the pose came from

Give us a clue

Encourage your child to find a portrait in the gallery that reminds them of someone in your group; someone famous; someone you all know (perhaps a neighbour or a friend). With the help of clues, the rest of the group can guess the chosen person

Photograph of a child at a family event at Tate Liverpool

© Tate Liverpool, Jake Ryan

See it from their perspective

Get down to your child’s height and see what they see. The change in eye-level might make you think and feel differently

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