A photograph of a visitor standing in RESOLVE Collective's exhibition looking at a material banner with the words 'Kitty's Laundrette' embroidered on it.

©Tate (Joe Humphrys)

Tate Liverpool + RIBA North is free to enter. Our exhibitions and displays are free. There's no need to book before you visit.

Our current exhibition is You Get a Car [Everybody Gets a Car]: RESOLVE Collective.

Tate Liverpool + RIBA North is cashless and you can only pay by card or contactless. If you bring a bag, it must be cabin size or smaller.

Tate Liverpool + RIBA North is open every day, apart from 24–26 December when we are closed.

You can visit us from 10.00–17.50

The gallery is located at RIBA North, Mann Island, a short distance (425m) along Liverpool’s iconic waterfront.

A photograph of RIBA along Liverpool's waterfront

© Tate (Brian Roberts)

Public transport

The nearest train station is James Street, which is approximately 2 minutes away. Liverpool's mainline train station, Liverpool Lime Street, is approximately 20 minutes away. Moorfields station is approximately 5 minutes away. You can also get here by bus. Visit Merseytravel for details of local train and bus services.

Entrances to the gallery

There is one entrance to Tate Liverpool + RIBA North.

A photograph of a group of women walking towards Tate Liverpool + RIBA North

© Gareth Jones

The entrance is found inside the Mann Island development, a complex of three black buildings that sit between the Strand, the Canning dock and the Museum of Liverpool.

The road outside can be noisy during the weekdays. This entrance has a manual door.

A photograph of a member of Tate Liverpool staff standing and smiling whilst waving at the camera

© Gareth Jones

This is a Visitor Engagement Assistant. They can help you during your visit.

They wear a black uniform and an orange lanyard with Tate written on it and are very friendly.

They can answer any questions you might have.

Visitor Engagement Assistants can also give you ear defenders, magnifiers or communication cards upon request.

Gender-neutral toilets, an accessible toilet, and baby changing facilities are on the first floor. The toilets have hand dryers which you may find noisy.

We have signs in the gallery to help show you where to go.

A photograph of a sign showing where the toilets are at Tate Liverpool + RIBA North

© Gareth Jones

Stairs and lift

The gallery is over two floors. We have a lift and stairs that can take you between the ground floor and the first floor.

A visitor walking up the stairs at Tate Liverpool + RIBA North

© Gareth Jones

You can use the stairs.

A photograph of the lift at Tate Liverpool + RIBA North

© Gareth Jones

You can use the lift.

Seating and portable stools

A photograph of two visitors sat at a table looking at a book with a visitor in the background looking at a trolley showcasing a selection of books.

© Tate (Joe Humphrys)

There are seats in the gallery if you want to sit down.

A photograph of a visitor sat on a folding stool whilst looking at a big photo on the wall

RIBA Stirling Prize 2023. Image © Tate (Gareth Jones)

We have portable stools.

You can pick them up off a stand and carry them with you so you can sit down wherever you like.

A photograph of a Visitor Engagement Assistant greeting a visitor at Tate Liverpool + RIBA North

© Gareth Jones

Our staff will help you find your way around the gallery.

A photograph of a small child wearing ear defenders

© Gareth Jones

You can borrow ear defenders, just ask a member of staff.

Using communication cards

You can use our communication cards to ask for directions to facilities in the gallery. These include toilet, seating, shop, quiet room, and exit.

Show one of the cards to a member of Tate staff if you need to be shown to one of these places.

There are two colour versions and are available to download onto your device or print at home. Use whichever version you find easiest to read.

You will currently see an exhibition which uses recycled material to create installations. You will be able to see different types of artwork from the Tate collection in summer 2024.

Some spaces can be dark, some spaces can be light.

There can be a lot of people in the gallery, and sometimes it can get crowded or noisy.

There might be text on the walls to help explain the art. If the text is too small for you, ask staff for a magnifier. Large print guides for exhibitions can be collected at the exhibition entrances.

A photograph of a visitor taking a photo of an artwork at Tate Liverpool + RIBA North

Long Life, Low Energy: Designing for a Circular Economy. RIBA collection. Image © Tate (Gareth Jones)

You might see people taking photos.

A photograph of a child laying down and playing with some building blocks.

© Gareth Jones

You may see families or groups of school children visiting. They may be playing or making activities.

A photograph of a visitor looking at two sculptures of horse's heads. There is a locker on the left hand side covered in stickers and there is a visitor in the background wearing headphones.

© Tate (Joe Humphrys)

icon of a hand

You cannot touch the artworks

icon of not eating

You cannot eat in the galleries

icon of no drinking

You cannot drink in the galleries

black icon with showing no flash camera

You can take photos without a flash

You can pick up a free Art Games activity booklet from our Learning Space. There are lots of activities including drawing challenges, a wordsearch and dot-to-dot that you can do in the gallery and also take home with you.

A photograph of a little girl sat drawing on a clipboard

© Gareth Jones

Sometimes there are events you can join in with, like tours, talks or workshops. Find what events are coming up.

A photograph of a Visitor Engagement Assistant speaking to a small group of visitors

Long Life, Low Energy: Designing for a Circular Economy. RIBA collection. Image © Tate (Gareth Jones)

The shop is on the ground floor.

You can buy books, homeware, prints and postcards here.

If you need any help, just ask a member of staff.

There is a Learning Space on the first floor.

It is free and open every day.

You’ll find art materials, books and our free Art Games activity booklet plus there’s information about activities on the peg board and a noticeboard for you to display your own drawings.

If there is an evacuation, a loud alarm will sound. Staff will ask you to exit the gallery via the nearest door and wait outside.

They will let you know when it is safe to go back inside the building.

A photograph of a father holding the hands of his two sons whilst leaving Tate Liverpool + RIBA North

© Gareth Jones

You can exit the building the same way you entered.

We hope you enjoy your visit.