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Bloomberg Connects Interactive Activities

Find out more about Bloomberg Connects, interactive digital projects to connect visitors, art and artists

two people looking at a projection

© Andrew Kemp

Experience the Explore Spaces

Create your own masterpiece at the drawing bar

man drawing on interactive screen

Bloomberg Connects Drawing Bar

© Tate Photography

If visiting Tate Modern stirs up your creative impulses, the digital drawing bar on Level 1 is the place to express yourself. Create your masterpiece and see it displayed instantly, becoming part of a virtual mosaic of visitors’ visual imagination. Take a look at some highlights.

Explore Art across time

parent and child using an interactive screen

On the Timeline of Modern Art you can touch artwork images and words on a huge digital touchscreen to find out more and discover connections between artists across time.

Go behind the scenes

Artist at work

Watch TateShots online to go behind the scenes of the gallery and into artist’s studios.


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