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Bloomberg Connects: Explore Art and Activism

Blavatnik Building Level 3

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Discover how artists have responded to issues facing the world around them

Can art make a change? Is art relevant in a crisis? How can art unite a movement?

Step into Bloomberg Connects: Art and Activism to discover how artists have responded to political and social issues. Watch interviews with artists to learn how they engage with subjects such as climate change, civil rights and migration.

Artists featured include Olafur Eliasson, Judi Werthein, Emory Douglas, Guerrilla Girls, Margaret Harrison and Forensic Architecture.

Explore Art and Activism is part of Bloomberg Connects: interactive digital projects that connect you to art and artists.

Visit the Timeline of Modern Art, the Drawing Bar and Explore Artists’ Cities at Tate Modern. Watch our series of short films, TateShots, online and in the Screening Room at Tate Modern.


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