In the Gallery

Bloomberg Philanthropies Digital Initiatives

Find out more about Tate's digital initiatives supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies, enabling audiences to interact with digital projects that connect visitors, art and artists, in the galleries and online.

Create your own masterpiece

Get Creative and be inspired by art at Tate, in the galleries or online, with Tate Draw

You can draw online or take a seat at one of the desks at Tate Britain or Tate Modern, where you can draw using our digital sketchpads and see your finished artwork projected onto the wall.

When you've finished your drawing, you can save it to a phone, or order a T-shirt to wear your creation.

Share your art at #TateDraw

Go behind the scenes

Artist at work

Discover Art and the Stories it Tells through Bloomberg Philanthropies' supported Tate film content

Bloomberg Philanthropies have supported film at Tate since 2007. Their support has enabled us to create an archive of our film content for you to explore on Tate Videos.

Their support has also helped Tate to create exciting and engaging film content for Tate Kids.

Explore Art and Activism

Step into Art and Activism, an immersive space in Tate Modern, to discover how artists have responded to political and social issues.

Watch interviews with artists to learn how they engage with subjects such as climate change, civil rights and migration.