School Visits to Tate Modern

Explore art and ideas to take ownership of the gallery

Assembly, Tate Modern 2017 photo © Tate (Seraphina Neville)​

Assembly, Tate Modern 2017 photo © Tate (Seraphina Neville)​

School visits to Tate Modern are free. There is a charge for exhibitions.

All groups must book in advance, whether visiting independently or taking part in a Tate-led session. The maximum size of a visiting school group at Tate Modern is 120 students. Large groups should be split into smaller groups of up to 20 people when in the gallery.

Please let us know if you would like to book the schools lunch room and locker facilities (UK school groups only).

When you book a visit, please advise us of any specific access requirements that members of your group may have.

Touch Tours can be arranged in advance for any students in the group that are blind or visually impaired. Touch tours engage with the ideas, materials and techniques of the art on display.

These tours typically include a sculpture that can be explored through direct handling and a number of other two and three dimensional works that are explored using a combination of raised images, handling objects, description and discussion. We ask that school groups book these tours in advance when arranging their visit. For more information please email or call +44 (0)20 7887 8888 (option 3).

How to make a booking

To enquire, please fill out this Booking Enquiry Form and respond to all the questions. We’ll get back to you with a booking confirmation.

Or contact us by phone, call + 44(0) 20 7887 8888 (option 3).

Please note: if you are planning a visit to the gallery within the next three weeks, please call our schools bookings team instead of emailing us.

Have the following ready when you call:

  • Range of dates for your visit
  • School address, telephone number and email address
  • Group size and age of pupils
  • Would you like to book the schools lunch room and lockers? (UK schools only)

Do I need to make a booking to bring a school group to Tate?

All groups with more than 10 students need to book in advance. If you are bringing a big group we request you split up into smaller groups of up to 15 when moving around the galleries.

Schools are welcome to bring up to a maximum of 120 children on a self-led visit per day. We are unable to accommodate groups larger than this as we have limited number of school group arrivals per day for Health & Safety reasons and wish to give as many schools as possible the chance to visit the galleries.

How much does it cost?

Self-led visits to the permanent collection at Tate Modern are free. For temporary exhibitions there is a charge, a special group rate is available.

How much are tickets for exhibitions?

For UK school groups we offer £5 tickets when you are bringing a minimum of 10 students and 1 teacher. There are 30 tickets available on the hour every hour from 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday at the school group rate. Tickets must be paid for in full at least two weeks in advance of the date of the visit. Once sold tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. However, whilst the tickets are on reserve, unpaid, we can amend the numbers or timing, subject to availability.

What activities do you have for students?

We have a number of ‘activities’, developed by artists, who have worked on the schools and teachers programme. We call them 'in-gallery resources'. You can find them below under ‘Self-led student resources’ and ‘Teaching resources and courses’. These resources emulate the workshops and include the perspective of contemporary artists in the gallery. They aim to encourage new ways of looking at and learning with art.

My students are studying [insert topic], how do I find out if it is on display?

Check Tate’s website, by searching for the artwork, artist or medium in Search. Alternatively, use our Artist A-Z or Art Terms. The information team can also help with any display queries 020 7887 8888 (Option 2).

Is there somewhere we can park?

Tate Modern has limited accessible onsite parking. This should be booked in advance and a registration number provided at least 24hrs before the visit.

I want to arrange a talk or tour for my students - how do I do this?

Private talks and tours are arranged by Tate Private Tours, even if you are a school group. Please contact them at or +44 (0) 20 7887 4946

Can we see the prints and drawings room?

Yes. Please email after booking a self-led visit with us. The maximum size of groups is 12 (less for younger students).

How long should we be there?

People usually spend anywhere between 1 hour to a whole day in the galleries.

Where are the bathrooms and are there changing facilities?

At Tate Modern there are bathrooms on each floor and a changing place on Level 0 in the boiler house building.

Is there a map?

Yes. Maps are available to download for Tate Modern or to pick up in the gallery.

Download the Tate Modern map


Tate-led sessions

We run a programme of workshops, which you can book in advance of your visit, subject to availability:

Tate Modern

Artist-led workshops for schools

1 Oct 2019

Join our workshops encouraging students to engage with art, artists and ideas

Tate Modern

Artist-led workshops for SEND schools

Every Tue, 1 Oct 2019 – 17 Mar 2020

Join our workshops for students from SEND settings and Pupil Referral Units

Visit an exhibition

A special school group price for exhibitions is available during weekdays if you book and pay at least two weeks in advance. For more information please email or call +44 (0)20 7887 8888 (option 3).

Self-led sessions

Artist devised resources will be provided to your school group at the sign in desk (Clore Centre at Tate Britain and Clore Welcome Room at Tate Modern).

We have a wide range of free learning resources to support students and teachers to engage with art and ideas. These include activities for pupils to do in the gallery, as well as resources to extend your engagement in the classroom before and after your visit.

We can support your visit by helping you to select and book self-led student activities by emailing Alternatively you can download them from the links found below.

We encourage young people to explore art and idea to take ownership of the gallery.

Plan your Visit

There is a lot to see from the extensive permanent collection to exhibitions.

Find out what’s on in our free displays and temporary exhibitions.

Find out what artworks are currently on display at Tate Modern.

Alternatively, use our Artist A-Z or Art Terms.

You can also search for a specific the artwork, artist or art term in the Search.

Otherwise contact Information on 020 7887 8888 (Option 2).

Questions to discuss before your visit

  • What does art mean to you?
  • What was the last thing you made or created?
  • What does art make you think?
  • What does art make you feel?

Questions to get you exploring when you get here

  • If you could take one piece of artwork home with you, what would you take?
  • What do you think art does in the world?
  • Why should art be taught in school?
  • If you imagined a gallery in the future, what do you think it would look like? What would be in it? Who would be in it?

Self-led Activities


Arriving at Tate MODERN

Getting to Tate Modern

Access at Tate Modern

School groups should enter via the Level 0 Turbine hall ramp entrance on Holland Street. This does have a gradient. Wheelchair users or those with mobility needs may prefer the levelled entrance next to Level 1 café. Lifts are available to all levels.

Group leaders should check in at the Clore Welcome Room on Level 0 (to the left of the Turbine Hall as you walk in from the main entrance). Please ask your group to remain in the Turbine Hall whilst you do this. Here you will need to sign in to say that you have read and understood the guidelines, whereupon you will receive your Visiting Teacher sticker. Once signed in you can make your way to the galleries with your group.

If you have booked a Tate-led session your artist will meet you at the schools desk.

Group supervision and safety

Adult supervision is required at all times with the following adult-to-student ratios:

  • 1:5 for under 5s
  • 1:10 for 6–11 year-olds
  • 1:15 for 12–16 year-olds
  • 1:20 for 16–18 year-olds

Please note that teachers are responsible for students’ behaviour and safety at all times. All group leaders should carry out their own risk assessment prior to their visit. At no stage can Tate assume the formal duty of care on behalf of teachers.

Tate's health and safety statement [PDF, 83kb]

We strongly recommend you visit Tate Modern in advance to check the suitability of the artworks for your group. You can also use our teaching resources to plan your visit to the gallery.

Homework help and classroom quizzes

gallerY Guidelines

  • We regret that it is not possible to lecture in the temporary paying exhibitions but you can discuss works with groups of 6 or fewer in a conversational manner
  • No photography is permitted in the temporary paying exhibitions. Photography for personal, non-commercial use is permitted in the general collection galleries. The use of flash and tripods is prohibited
  • Please be aware of the school talks, workshops and guided tours, which take place daily, on the hour from 11.00-16.00. Tate speakers have precedence over outside lecturers. Please do not lecture in rooms where talks are already in progress, and be prepared to be flexible with your route if a talk is taking place
  • Maximum group size for a self-led talk in the general collection galleries is 20. Sketching in the galleries is encouraged. Permitted materials - dry materials such as pencils, graphite sticks, fine-tipped pens, wax crayons, conté and charcoal pencils (must be wood or plastic encased), oil pastels encased in paper. Prohibited materials - loose dry materials including charcoal and pastels, soft oil pastels and oil paint sticks, all paints and other wet materials, permanent markers and tape.

Please also be aware of our gallery rules.

Facilities at Tate Modern

schools lunch room and lockers

A packed-lunch room and lockers are available for use during your visit. Please book these in advance.

Artworks on display

Artworks can be taken off display at short notice. If you are visiting to see a particular artwork please check with our Information Team. Please call +44 (0)20 7887 8888 (option 2) or email:


There are three shops at Tate Modern found near the Terrace, Turbine Hall and River entrances. Each sells a wide range of art books and items for schoolchildren. To avoid congestion, please ensure that pupils visit the shops in small, staggered groups and are supervised at all times.

An educational discount of 10% is available on all library and school orders for those with an account. To open an account, please call +44 (0)20 7401 5129.

Tate Cafes/Restaurants:

Receive a 10% discount in Tate cafes and restaurants when you show your school ID.

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