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Liverpool Biennial: International 2010 Touched

Liverpool Biennial is the largest contemporary visual arts event in the UK. Every two years the city of Liverpool comes alive with a wealth of new and exciting artworks; sometimes in galleries (including Tate Liverpool) and always in more surprising, public places throughout the city.

Each Biennial is themed – this year the theme is Touched, which explores not only the idea of being emotionally affected by works of art, but also physical contact with works of art – something you would not necessarily expect to encounter in a museum or art gallery.

On display at Tate Liverpool will be interactive pieces that can be physically touched by the viewer, such as Franz West's sculptures which invite visitors to sit or lie on them. We'll have several works that explore the more symbolic and intangible connection between art and audience; Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan invite Tate Liverpool visitors to participate in their artwork, Jamie Isenstein will inhabit her work for the entire duration of the festival and Wannes Goetschalckx will also perform in the gallery several times.

The theme of Touched will also be explored by artists who are concerned with the idea of making the intangible and invisible be seen and touched. Nina Canell explores transforming invisible energies into physical/poetic objects and Diango Hernandez examines the more emotional end of touched, recreating notions of homesickness in dreamlike landscapes. Last but not least there will be an appearance by Otto Muehl with a series of recent 'action' paintings.

For the first time, admission to Tate Liverpool's exhibition is free of charge, and the gallery will host a Biennial visitor centre to facilitate visitors in gaining the most from the festival.

Artists showing at Tate Liverpool include: Magdalena Abakanowicz (Poland), Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan (Philippines), Nina Canell (Sweden), Wannes Goetschalckx (Belgium), Diango Hernández (Cuba), Jamie Isenstein (United States), Eva Kot’átková (Czech Republic), Otto Muehl (Austria), Franz West (Austria)

Visit the Liverpool Biennial website for information about all artists at all venues participating in the Biennial.

Schools, teachers educators! Here at Tate Liverpool we welcome self-directed school visits, we simply ask that you let us know that you're coming in advance. Coming soon, free, downloadable resource pack to support your self-directed visit to Touched at Tate Liverpool.

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18 September – 28 November 2010

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