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Home Grown: Food and the Local Panel Talk

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Join us for a panel discussion exploring London’s food production and how we can make our cities more sustainable

How can we create edible cities? From urban growing, bee-keeping, foraging and farming, we’re exploring conversations around South London’s food production and asking how we can make our cities more sustainable and our plates more nutritious.

Our panel includes voices from a range of urban food heroes: Dale Gibson (Bermondsey Street Bees), Urban Gardener Carole Wright and Alexandro Rizzo (AN25). The discussion will be chaired by Joel ‘Jay Brave’ Bravette, a creative entrepreneur, broadcaster and activist.

This event will be part of the Uniqlo Tate Lates programme, presented by Studio Olafur Eliasson Kitchen and The Terrace Bar.


Dale Gibson

Bermondsey Street Bees is a sustainable beekeeping practice founded in 2007 by Dale Gibson and Sarah Wyndham Lewis, with apiaries in Bermondsey Street and in rural and urban settings including Lambeth Palace and The Charterhouse. Bermondsey Street Bees pioneer urban sustainability strategies – these include their own pollinator forage planting projects and their biodiversity collaborations with businesses, social enterprises and local planting charities. They are recipients of the UK's ‘Small Artisan Producer of The Year’ (2016), named one of London’s ‘Top 50 Food Heroes’ (2018) and awarded ‘Best Honey in London’ at the National Honey Show (2011, 2017).

Carole Wright

Carole Wright is an urban gardener, beekeeper and walk leader from Lambeth, South London, working locally, UK wide and globally. Carole has worked with Tate Modern for 12 years as a community garden coordinator with the international artist Fritz Haeg, as part of his Edible Estates project who’d been commissioned by Tate Modern as part of the Global Cities Turbine Hall exhibition.

Alexandro Rizzo

Alexandro Rizzo is biochemistry graduate from The University of York, is passionate about food and sustainability issues. He has taken part in many food experiences, including helping set-up Edible Uni at the University of York, being a growing leader at the community farm in Loughborough Junction in London for the last four years and co-founding an urban farming start-up, Article No. 25, which has run a mushroom farm in Elephant and Castle.

Joel Bravette

Joel ‘Jay Brave’ Bravette is a creative entrepreneur, broadcaster and activist. His expertise is in sustainable/circular economies, food futures and change agency. He creates multimedia content via his social channels as well as contributing to global conversations with companies like Mintel, JWT Intelligence and Canteen. Most recently he conceived #ThePlantBasedAfrican to widen participation and understanding of global food futures.

Tate Modern

Terrace Bar

London SE1 9TG
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Date & Time

30 August 2019 at 18.30–19.30

Part of Uniqlo Tate Lates