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UNIQLO Tate Play Work (Smoke)

Colourful lights and smoke rings as part of Motonaga Sadamasa's Work (Smoke)

Motonaga Sadamasa, Work (Smoke) recreated as part of Gutai: 1953-1959 at Fergus McCaffrey Gallery, 2018. Copyright Fergus McCaffrey Gallery with permission from the Estate of Motonaga Sadamasa

Experience Motonaga Sadamasa’s artwork made of smoke, coloured lights and air!

Set to music, this recreation of an historic artwork involves smoke rings hovering in the Turbine Hall, lit by coloured lights before dissolving in the air. Motonaga imagined this as a painting made from smoke. The restaging of this artwork is part of the UNIQLO Tate Play: Mega Please Draw Freely Picnic weekend, occurring regularly throughout the event.

Ei Arakawa is inspired by Motonaga and the other members of the Gutai group in UNIQLO Tate Play: Mega Please Draw Freely. Arakawa creates a theatrical pine forest in the Turbine Hall which includes recreations of pine trees used in Noh Theatre.

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Work (Smoke) is restaged with permission from the Estate of Motonaga Sadamasa.

UNIQLO Tate Play in partnership with UNIQLO.

Kiyoji Otsuji, ‘Motonaga Sadamasa, Smoke, Gutai Exhibition on the Stage’ 1957, printed 2012
Kiyoji Otsuji
Motonaga Sadamasa, Smoke, Gutai Exhibition on the Stage 1957, printed 2012
© reserved

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14–15 August 2021

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