Ian Breakwell


[c.26 June 1986–19 July 1987]

In Tate Britain
Created by
Ian Breakwell 1943–2005
[c.26 June 1986–19 July 1987]
Bound volume - notebook
Tate Archive
Presented to Tate Archive by Ian Breakwell, April 2005.
TGA 20054/2/22


Dark blue hardcover notebook containing diary entries, thoughts and observations, transcriptions of interviews, book reviews by Ian Breakwell, and plans and ideas for specific projects or works, recorded by Ian Breakwell during the period 26 June 1986 - 19 July 1987.
Ian Breakwell has numbered each page. However, he has missed out page numbers for several pages and numbered several pages with the same page number. Between pages 45 and 46 there are two unnumbered pages. For indexing purposes, these are referred to pages 45a and 45b. Between pages 53 and 54 there are two unnumbered pages, these are referred to as 53a and 53b. There are two pages numbered 55, these are referred to as 55 and 55a. And, there are two pages numbered 62, these are referred to as 62 and 62a.
Works and projects covered in this notebook include: 'The Fence at Forbes', pages 1-8, 33-35, 43; 'Buried Alive', pages 9-14, 31-32, 36, 42; 'Breakwells of the World Unite', pages 15-18; 'TV Times', pages 19-23, 40-41, 45a-45b; 'Public Face and Private Eye', pages 24-30, 98, 135-138; 'Snake in the Shirt', pages 38, 44; 'The House of The Deaf Man', pages 39-40, 45, 168; 'Mask to Mask', pages 46-62; 'Fiction', pages 63-65, 94-96, 152-154, 157-160; 'Dead Man's Bluff', page 66; 'Dead 'Un', page 67; 'Dead Man's Milk', page 68; 'Seeping', page 70; 'The Butcher's Arms', pages 71-72; lists and dates of various texts, pages 74-75; 'Trevor's Night Out', pages 76-77; 'Our Boy', pages 78-79; 'Smog', pages 80-82; transcription of interview entitled, 'IB/Mick Kidd and Chris Garratt ICA 26/06/1986', pages 83-93; transcription of interview with Charles Madge 16/09/1986, pages 110-117; review of 'The Prodigy' by Amy Wallace, a book about William Sides, published by MacMillan, 1986, pages 118-122; review of 'Revolutions of The Night', by Alan Burns, pages 126-127; '1986 Books of The Year', page 139; 'Gathering Storm', page 140; a proposal for research and development: 'Artaud in Ireland', pages 143-147; review of 'BBC Sports Videos', pages 148-149; 'Ah Well', pages 155-156; and a review of 'Spoken History', by George Ewart Evans, pages 161-163.

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