Personal Papers of Ian Breakwell


collection owner: Ian Breakwell, ‘Personal Papers of Ian Breakwell’ 1960s–2005

Available online are items which reflect key periods and themes in Ian Breakwell's work. These include project files relating to works such as 'The Institution', 'Circus', and 'Auditorium', as well as placements and artist-in-residences at Durham Cathedral. There are also notebooks kept by Ian Breakwell which feature diary entries and ideas for works, photographs, correspondence, and audio-visual material.

Details of the remainder of the collection can be found on the Archive catalogue.

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Ian Breakwell 1943–2005
Tate Archive
Presented to Tate Archive by Ian Breakwell, April 2005.
TGA 20054

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Series of notebooks kept by Ian Breakwell. In these books, Ian Breakwell jotted down notes, diary entries, conversations and observations, book reviews, and plans and ideas for specific works, projects and exhibitions.
He defines the purpose of these notebooks in one particular volume for January - March 1973 (TGA 20054/2/2), in which he has written the following on the inside cover:
"Through one year systematically use the work-process as an integral part of living day to day, so that it is a continuous, growing aid to increased awareness day and night. Must not become yet another mass of cerebral nonsense, nor a congested collection of documentation indecipherable to anyone except the artist. Obvious elements of self-analysis , but simultaneously looking outward (notes, descriptions, observations, scenarios, conversations); the evidence of the two processes, covering the whole spectrum of feelings, thoughts and emotions is the diary."
TGA 20054/2

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Ian Breakwell Notebook and one loose piece of paper

[c.03 January–09 December 1975]

Ian Breakwell Notebook

[c.08 December 1975–18 February 1976]

Ian Breakwell Notebook

[c.24 December 1977–01 January 1979]

Ian Breakwell Notebook

[c.15 October 1979–01 March 1980]

Ian Breakwell Notebook

[c.26 June 1986–19 July 1987]

Ian Breakwell Notebook

[c.01 April–09 November 1988]

Ian Breakwell Notebook

[c.1983–04 June 1999]