Ian Breakwell


[c.08 December 1975–18 February 1976]

In Tate Britain
Created by
Ian Breakwell 1943–2005
[c.08 December 1975–18 February 1976]
Bound volume - notebook
Tate Archive
Presented to Tate Archive by Ian Breakwell, April 2005.
TGA 20054/2/8


Green hardcover notebook containing diary entries, thoughts and observations, and transcripts of interviews, recorded by Ian Breakwell during the period 08 December 1975-18 February 1976.
Much of this notebook is taken up by diary entries written during Ian Breakwell's placements, secured through the Artist Placement Group. The entries in the book cover his placements with the British Transport Film Unit, and the Department of Health and Social Security, with the Personal Social Services and Mental Health Group, Architects Division.
Included is: a transcript of an excerpt of Ian Breakwell being interviewed by Peter Kennedy about, 'The Institution', on page 1; a piece about 'The Journey', on pages 6-9; a piece about Breakwell's Artist Placement Group placements on pages 11-15; and a short note regarding the 'Reminiscence Aids' project which developed through Breakwell's involvement with the DHSS, on page 59.
Other works referred to in the notebook include, 'Estate', 'Growth', 'Ideal', 'Story', and 'Promenade'.

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