Ian Breakwell


[c.01 April–09 November 1988]

In Tate Britain
Created by
Ian Breakwell 1943–2005
[c.01 April–09 November 1988]
Bound volume - notebook
Tate Archive
Presented to Tate Archive by Ian Breakwell, April 2005.
TGA 20054/2/25


Large yellow jotter containing diary entries, thoughts and observations, transcriptions of interviews, book reviews by Ian Breakwell, and plans and ideas for specific projects or works, recorded by Ian Breakwell during the period 01 April - 09 November 1988.
Works and projects covered in this notebook include: 'Publich Face Private Eye' (A narrative in 5 acts - 'Buried Alive', 'The Fence at Forbes', 'Keep Things as They Are', 'The House of The Deaf Man', 'Mask to Mask'); 'The Smiling Angler'; a review of Ingmar Bergman's autobiography, 'The Magic Lantern - Ingmar Bergman'; a review of 'A Secret World of Sex - Forbidden Fruit: The British Experience 1900-1950', by Steve Humphries; a piece of text about Robert Walser entitled, 'Palpitating Wallpaper - Robert Walser'; 'Seeing in the Dark'; a review of 'The Holy Innocents', by Gilbert Adair; a review of 'Freak Show: Presenting Human Oddities for Amusement and Profit', by Robert Bogdan; 'Books of The Year 1988'; a review of 'Pitmen Painters: The Ashington Group 1934-1984', by William Feaver; a piece of text about Anthony Earnshaw and his writings; 'No One Can Tell'; a review of 'Does Accent Matter? The Pygmalion Factor', by John Honey; and a transcript of an interview between Ian Breakwell and Ken Smith regarding Smith's book, 'Inside Time'.

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