Personal Papers of Ian Breakwell


collection owner: Ian Breakwell, ‘Personal Papers of Ian Breakwell’ 1960s–2005

Available online are items which reflect key periods and themes in Ian Breakwell's work. These include project files relating to works such as 'The Institution', 'Circus', and 'Auditorium', as well as placements and artist-in-residences at Durham Cathedral. There are also notebooks kept by Ian Breakwell which feature diary entries and ideas for works, photographs, correspondence, and audio-visual material.

Details of the remainder of the collection can be found on the Archive catalogue.

Collection Owner
Ian Breakwell 1943–2005
Tate Archive
Presented to Tate Archive by Ian Breakwell, April 2005.
TGA 20054

266 objects in this collection

Photographs of ‘Circus’
Consists of 113 black and white photographs, nine colour photographs, and three black and white negatives of Ian Breakwell's 'Circus'. These include photographs of Ian Breakwell working on prints for 'Circus', photographs of a circus and circus performers, photographs of a large placard with a clown's face, being carried around Glasgow by Dougie Thomson, and photographs of sixteen photo-silkscreen prints with a repeated image of the heads of a cat, lion, tiger, warthog and giraffe and varying text describing the sixteen acts of 'Circus'.

Also included is a transparency for an overhead projector with text for the sixteen acts of 'Circus', and two pages from an exhibition catalogue for 'Circus' featuring text and prints of the sixteen acts of 'Circus'.
TGA 20054/4/7/1