Drawings and papers of Felicia Browne


collection owner: Felicia Browne, ‘Drawings and papers of Felicia Browne’ 1920s–1930s

Available online are letters written by Browne, including an account of the drive with Edith Bone from London to Barcelona, 1936 as well as many drawings and a sketchbook covering her travels through Europe and first-hand depictions of people caught up in the Spanish Civil War.

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Felicia Browne 1904–1936
Tate Archive
Purchased by Tate Archive from Jim Sproule, Lin Sproule and Felicia France, November 2010.
TGA 201023

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This series contains examples of Felicia Browne's artwork, including three sketchbooks filled in between 1925-1936. The first two contain sketches of labourers and working class men in London whilst the third includes sketches from Browne's time in Spain shortly before her death. In addition there are numerous studies of nudes and sketches from Browne's trips to Hungary, the Czech Republic and Russia in the early 1930s. There are also instances of her design work (see TGA 201023/1/135-170) including three sketches which may be preparatory sketches for Browne's entry for the competition to find a design for the Tolpuddle Martyrs Medal, held in 1934.
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Felicia Browne Sketchbook 1

[c.12 March–11 April 1925]

Felicia Browne Sketchbook 2

May 1925

Felicia Browne Sketchbook 3


Felicia Browne Sketch of woodland

19 May 1929

Felicia Browne Sketch of a house

[c.May 1929]