The personal papers of Nigel Graeme Henderson (1917-1985)


collection owner: Nigel Henderson, ‘The personal papers of Nigel Graeme Henderson (1917-1985)’ 1913–84

Available online are a large quantity of photographs taken by Nigel Henderson since the 1940s. Subjects include family members, jazz musicians, other artists and artwork, architecture and various geographical locations. Photographs of the exhibition and photographich boards for, 'Parallel of Life and Art' at the Institue of Contemporary Arts which he co-curated, images of Eduardo Paolozzi as well as photographs of the construction of Hunstanton Secondary Modern School, designed by Alison and Peter Smithson, are also online.

Also included are portraits of Nigel Henderson as a young boy with his brother and portraits of his mother as a young woman.

Details of the remainder of the collection can be found on the Archive catalogue.

Collection Owner
Nigel Henderson 1917–1985
Tate Archive
The papers were acquired by the Tate Archive from Janet Henderson and the Henderson family in 1992.
TGA 9211

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Photographs of family and friends
Photographs of Nigel Henderson and his family including Wyn Henderson (mother), Ian Henderson (brother), Judith Henderson (first wife), Janet Henderson (second wife) and his children. Photographs of friends include Eduardo and Freda Paolozzi, Richard Hamilton, Mary Lee Settle and Leonard Woolf.
Unless otherwise indicated it is assumed the photographs are taken by Nigel Henderson.
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