Personal papers of Stuart Brisley


collection owner: Stuart Brisley, ‘Personal papers of Stuart Brisley’ [c.1953–2007]

Items chosen from this collection for digitisation include project files and a notebook kept by the artist which document important performances, installations, exhibitions and sound works, and a series of photographic boards created during Stuart Brisley's time as Community Artist with the Artist Project Peterlee. There is also an important piece of source material relating to the work, 'A study for 'Seminal Sequences'', 1995-1996, by Stuart Brisley. This work is currently in the British Museum.

Details of the remainder of the collection can be found on the Archive catalogue.

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Stuart Brisley born 1933
Tate Archive
All papers (except the Peterlee project) presented to Tate Archive by Stuart Brisley, November 2011. [The boards relating to the Peterlee project was relocated from the APG archives (TGA 20045), date of entry 2004 to Stuart Brisley's archives (TGA 201114), date of entry 2013.]
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Artist Project Peterlee
This series consists of 46 boards mounted with text, photographs, maps and documents created as part of the 'Artist Project Peterlee'.

Stuart Brisley undertook a one year consultancy as Community Artist as part of the 'Artist Project Peterlee'. The project involved the collection, collation and presentation of accounts and experiences of work and the social, domestic and personal life of those living, and who had lived, in Peterlee New Town and the six surrounding villages.

The project contained three distinct parts: to develop an ongoing process of collecting and disseminating information under the title 'History Within Living Memory'; to establish a publicly available history of the Development Corporation made in association with the Sociology Department of the University of Durham; and to introduce a community workshop which began in 1977.

The photographs mounted on the boards in this series are some of those which were collected as part of this project. A number of the photographs were taken by Stuart Brisley during his time as Community Artist in Peterlee. The other photographs were given to the project by people who lived in Peterlee and its surrounding communities.

The majority of the material collected during the 'Artist Project Peterlee' is housed at Durham County Council as part of the 'People Past and Present Archive'.
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