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Hyundai Commission Anicka Yi In Love With The World

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Installation view of Hyundai Commission Anicka Yi at Tate Modern

Installation view of Hyundai Commission: Anicka Yi at Tate Modern, October 2021. Photo by Will Burrard Lucas

What would it feel like to share the world with machines that could live in the wild and evolve on their own?

Artist Anicka Yi offers a vision of a new ecosystem within the Turbine Hall, the large post-industrial space at the heart of Tate Modern.

Originally part of Bankside Power Station, the hall was built to house electricity-generating machinery. Yi’s installation populates the space with machines once again. Floating in the air, her machines – called aerobes – are based on ocean life forms and mushrooms. They re-imagine artificial intelligence, and encourage us to think about new ways machines might inhabit the world. Yi has also created unique scentscapes which change weekly, with odours linked to a specific time in the history of Bankside.

Yi is known for her experimental work which explores the merging of technology and biology. Through breaking down distinctions between plants, animals, micro-organisms and machines, she asks us to think about further understanding ourselves as humans and the ecosystems we live in.

Livestream of the Commission

Join us here every Thursday from 10.00-18.00 GMT to watch a livestream of the aerobes in flight.

Tate Modern

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12 October 2021 – 6 February 2022

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