The UNIQLO and Tate partnership embodies a shared belief that Art and Play are for everyone. Together, UNIQLO and Tate are proud to champion creativity, imagination and art for all through UNIQLO Tate Play, Tate Modern’s free programme of participatory activities, events and digital content since 2021

A view looking down at people drawing and writing on the floor of the Turbine Hall.

UNIQLO Tate Play Ei Arakawa’s Mega Please Draw Freely, room Photo © Tate Photographer

UNIQLO and Tate; A Longstanding Partnership

"I am honoured and proud to partner with Tate Modern, together we have hosted UNIQLO Tate Lates and more recently UNIQLO Tate Play. The global partnership with Tate is based on a shared philosophy of Made for All, a concept reflected in LifeWear, which is clothing designed to help make everyone's daily life better, and in giving everyone access to the joy of art. We have enjoyed seeing so many families participate in the UNIQLO Tate Play program and look forward to many more experiencing the joy of art for all."

Koji Yanai, Group Senior Executive Officer, Fast Retailing Co., Ltd.

"UNIQLO’s support has enabled Tate Modern to offer captivating and culturally empowering participatory events that welcome new and younger audiences to the gallery. Evolving from the success of UNIQLO Tate Lates and maintaining our shared value of always keeping art at the heart of everything we do, UNIQLO Tate Play is a wonderfully successful and integral part of Tate Modern’s Programme. It has and will continue to transform Tate Modern for families of all ages.​"

Frances Morris, Former Director of Tate Modern

UNIQLO and Tate have been in partnership since 2016 when we joined forces to celebrate the opening weekend of the new Tate Modern. Between 2016 and 2020, UNIQLO’s support of UNIQLO Tate Lates engaged 550,000 people of all ages, including new and diverse audiences, with a series of special, free, late-night events at Tate Modern. In 2021, the partnership evolved into UNIQLO Tate Play. This next edition of our partnership sees us continue to attract new audiences, but this time the focus is on families.

A group of children and adults, some with their arms in the air, playing in the large Turbine Hall.

UNIQLO Tate Play Photo © Tate (Dan Weill)

UNIQLO Tate Play

Since 2021, UNIQLO has supported Tate Modern’s family programme UNIQLO Tate Play, providing free activities, events and digital content which offer multigenerational families new ways to get creative and playfully explore art together. Between the programme launching in the Summer of 2021 and November 2023, over 415,000 people of all ages have engaged with UNIQLO Tate Play activities in the gallery alone.

UNIQLO Tate Play is rooted firmly in the centre of Tate’s audience invitation to access art, and engage with Tate Modern in new ways, shifting boundaries of museum participation. The UNIQLO and Tate partnership is also demonstrable of a shared democratic philosophy. UNIQLO is Made for All, Tate’s Art is for All. UNIQLO and Tate believe Play is for All. We also champion a shared commitment to removing barriers to creativity, regardless of location or ability.

UNIQLO Tate Play in Gallery

UNIQLO Tate Play programme always takes inspiration from artwork on display at Tate Modern. Activities in the gallery are all-year round, with heightened moments during school holidays. UNIQLO Tate Play Summer activations have seen people of all ages invited to take part in large scale participatory artworks in the iconic Turbine Hall through:

  • UNIQLO Tate Play: Mega Please Draw Freely, inviting people of all ages to enter a theatrical pine forest and sketch, doodle and draw all over the Turbine Hall floor in an ever-changing artwork by artist Ei Arakawa.
  • UNIQLO Tate Play: The Obliteration Room, inviting people of all ages to transform a completely white domestic apartment into a sea of colourful dots, using stickers to bring Yayoi Kusama’s artwork to life.
  • UNIQLO Tate Play: Rasheed Araeen Zero to Infinity, inviting families to participate in Rasheed Araeen’s continuously evolving artwork. By touching, moving, shifting, stacking, and balancing cubes, visitors explore symmetry, shape, and geometry, creating sculptures with infinite possibilities.
Looking down at people in a large hall playing with colourful plastic sculptures.

UNIQLO Tate Play Rasheed Araeen Zero to Infinity Installation View at Tate Modern 2023. Photo © Tate (Lucy Dawkins)

UNIQLO Tate Play in Stores

UNIQLO Tate Play is also activated within UNIQLO stores, with activities which respond to the themes of the programme in gallery. Find out more about UNIQLO Tate Play instore activities.

In addition, artworks and content created during UNIQLO Tate Play activations in Tate Modern are sometimes displayed in UNIQLO stores. This has included:

  • In 2023, film content captured during UNIQLO Tate Play Threads Holiday Make Studio on display in UNIQLO’s Regent Street flagship store, alongside artworks made from threads that had been created by families participating.
  • In 2022, Tate Collective members were invited to creatively respond to the theme ‘the spirit of London’ through a Tate Collective x UNIQLO Open Call competition. Over 400 submissions were received, all responding to Tate Collection works. The final three winners’ artworks were displayed on screens in UNIQLO’s Regent Street flagship store.

UNIQLO Tate Play Digital Content

UNIQLO’s support also enables the creation of Tate Kids digital content, supporting the education and creativity of children across the globe. This have included films, quizzes, and how to make guides. Tate Kids is an online art destination for children aged 5-13 which hosts a variety of exciting Tate content. Explore UNIQLO supported Tate Kids content.

Through UNIQLO Tate Play, UNIQLO and Tate are proud to champion both Art and Play for All.

Woman kneeling down next to a child touching a wall covered in colourful dots.

UNIQLO Tate Play The Obliteration Room Photo © Tate 2022 (Liam Mann)

Diverse Audiences; Art for All

UNIQLO’s support of Tate has enabled Tate Modern to offer captivating and culturally empowering participatory events that welcome new and diverse audiences to the gallery. Evolving from the success of our longstanding partnership, Tate and UNIQLO continue to elaborate on our shared values of creativity, imagination and art for all through ongoing programme, product collaborations, digital content and more, always keeping art at the heart of everything we do.

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Corporate Partnerships range from supporting world-renowned programmes of exhibitions, performances or annual artist commissions to wide-reaching learning, research and community programmes, or collaboration through crucial conservation, collection care, digital or sustainability initiatives.

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