Sketches and notes of Bernard Meninsky


collection owner: Nora Meninsky, ‘Sketches and notes of Bernard Meninsky’ [c.1926–51]

This collection features a series of sketches and artworks by Bernard Meninsky which were donated to Tate by his second wife, Nora. The majority of this collection, which features sketches of landscapes, still-life drawings, portrait and profile view sketches of male and female figures, and sketches of the female form, with annotations by the artist, is now available to view online.

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Collection Owner
Nora Meninsky
Tate Archive
Presented to Tate Archive by the Contemporary Art Society in memory of Cecily Lowenthal, 1997.
TGA 9715

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Sketches by Bernard Meninsky
This series includes sketches and studies of portraits and figures, landscapes, costumes, characters and theatre props. Many of the sketches are annotated by the artist and include notes about the drawings, personal thoughts, lists of words, notes in shorthand, and calculations.
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Bernard Meninsky Sketch of a female nude

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