What is Transnational?

Transnational is a way of understanding, researching and curating that encourages the idea that art, artists and art histories are connected beyond their countries of origin. The word ‘transnational’ encourages us all to challenge and revise dominant art histories by highlighting the global exchanges and flow of artists and ideas.

What do we do?

The Centre’s vision is to redefine Tate’s existing collection of art and offer new perspectives on global art histories. We will expand Tate’s existing commitment to developing its collections and programmes beyond Western Europe and North America.

In this film, hear about the Centre’s engagement with Tate’s collection, displays, exhibitions and public programmes, and how research is integrated into the workings of the museum.


What are our priorities?

Our research priorities are guided by Tate’s curatorial teams and the Centre’s adjunct curators working in the fields of indigeneity, Africa and the diaspora, and the Caribbean diaspora.

Some of the grounding questions shaping the Centre’s first phase from 2019 to 2025 include:

  • How does the idea of transnational help us rethink multiple art histories and move beyond established narratives?
  • How does the idea of transnational relate to our understandings of British art, history and identity?
  • What are the creative contributions enabled by migration and diaspora?
  • What can we learn from First Nation and indigenous artists when rethinking the role of nation states in relation to art?

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