Personal papers and artworks of Robert Adams


collection owner: Robert Adams, ‘Personal papers and artworks of Robert Adams’ 1925–87

A series of sketchbooks, collages, maquettes and a self-portrait have been selected from the Robert Adams collection and are available online. Together the material documents the wide range of Adams's practice over nearly forty years. The sketchbooks date from c.1944-80 and contain studies for a variety of artworks by Adams, such as the screen forms and 'Vertex' series of sculptures. The maquettes date from the 1950s to the 1970s and relate to the 'Vertex' and 'Cavetto' sculptures of the 1970s. The self-portrait dates from c.1946.

Details of the remainder of the collection can be found on the Archive catalogue.

Collection Owner
Robert Adams 1917–1984
Tate Archive
Presented by Mrs Pat Adams, widow of the artist, and her daughter Mrs Mary Adams Weatherhead, in 1984 and 1990.
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Sketchbooks, drawings and records of work by Robert Adams
This series contains eight sketchbooks from Northampton and Paris; 'Presentation' studies; chair studies; constructions, heads, studies; a carving to welding sketchbook; judgement and crucifixion studies; prints and collages studies; the Gelsenkirchen sketchbook; movement in metal studies; SS Canberra studies; the Cathcart Road sketchbook; the screen forms sketchbook; the Dallas sketchbook; the 'A Move?' sketchbook; 'Straus' screen study; marble sketchbook and studies; flower study; the 'Vertex' series sketchbook; the 'Folding Movement' sketchbook; Bronzes wallhanging sketchbook and wall hanging studies; rectangular space studies; an outline study; flower-head study; 'Two' and elevation sketchbook; the round sketchbook; late bronze studies; base and fixings study; two stalks study; loopline studies and rocking horse studies. Together with records of works comprised of written and illustrated descriptions of sculptures for inclusion in exhibition catalogues.
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Robert Adams Sketchbook

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Robert Adams Sketchbook


Robert Adams Sketchbook