While it might seem like a recent phenomenon, performance has been a part of Tate’s artistic programming since the 1960s. Drawing on records found in Tate Archive – including many previously unpublished photographs – the selection of case studies presented here shows the breadth of performance art events held at Tate over a period of nearly fifty years. These writings present detailed accounts of what these works entailed, and especially how artists have engaged the space of the museum – from its different physical sites to its staff and visitors and to Tate’s own historical legacy as a producer and repository of culture.

From these cases we can glimpse how performance has developed since the 1960s, and we can begin to see how Tate has changed as well.

Carl Andre
Poetry Reading 2006

Charles Atlas
MC9 2013

Franko B
I Miss You 2003

Alexandra Bachzetsis
From A to B via C 2014

Nina Jan Beier and Marie Jan Lund
Clap in Time (All the People at Tate Modern) 2007

Jérôme Bel
Shirtology 2012

Gregg Bordowitz
Sex Mitigating Death: On Discourse and Drives: A Meditative Poem 2011

Pablo Bronstein
Constantinople Kaleidoscope 2012

Pablo Bronstein
Intermezzo 2009

Trisha Brown
Man Walking Down the Side of a Building 1970

Ruth Buchanan
The weather, a building 2011

Rosemary Butcher
Images every three seconds 2003, Hidden Voices 2004, The Hour 2005

Marc Camille Chaimowicz
Partial Eclipse 1980

Boris Charmatz
Flip Book 2008

Boris Charmatz
If Tate Modern was Musée de la danse? 2015

Michael Clark Company
Tate Live: Michael Clark Company at Tate Modern 2010–2011, Turbine Hall Residency 2010, th 2011

Martin Creed
Words 2006

Bojana Cvejić
Spatial Confessions (On the question of instituting the public) 2014

Guy de Cointet
Tell Me 1979

Liu Ding
Almost Avantgarde 2013

Rose English
The Beloved 1985

Forced Entertainment
12am Awake and Looking Down 2003

Forced Entertainment
Quizoola! 2003

Tim Etchells and FormContent
It’s moving from I to It – The Play 2014

William Forsythe
Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time 2009

Mario Garcia Torres
Following Piece (with Evo’s sweater) 2007

Andrea Geyer and Josiah McElheny
The Infinite Repetition of Revolt 2010

Melanie Gilligan
Untitled 2011

Guillermo Gómez-Peña
Ex Centris (A Living Diorama of Fetish-ized Others) 2003



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